Incompatible Blood Transfusion Survivor Warns American Citizens     Eugenics, Greed and Corruption has Reached Epidemic Proportions

Began at Deaconess Medical Center, Spokane, WA May, 2004

I have contacted the local authorities, many of them joined in the crimes against me.  Local hospitals, Bonner County General and Kootenai Medical Center, in Idaho failed to diagnose and treat the injuries I sustained at Deaconess and have participated in covering up the crimes and in discrediting me.  I have contacted the regional FBI where I was insulted, mocked and my liberty was threatened.  The agent prevented any submission of evidence proving my allegations.  I contacted all state medical review boards, the offices of the state attorney generals of both Idaho and Washington, the governors offices of both states, the entire House of Representatives, the Senate, and the U.S. Attorney General's office.  After exhausting both executive and legislative relief, I filed the Ten Trillion Dollar Class Action Suit in behalf of victims and survivors like myself and in behalf of correcting many of the life threatening problems corrupt politicians and greedy corporations, utilities and other corrupt individuals and entities have created. I filed thinking that perhaps all the powers I thought I had contacted had simply had my faxes and mail intercepted, but when these offices of public trust sent me letters from attorneys demanding I pay them for trying to save innocent lives and report serious crimes, I was flabbergasted.I have since responded. I then began contacting all forms of media as well as notifying the public as I am still presently doing.  The apathy and disbelief I've encountered of these serious crimes were the same responses that early whistle blowers in Germany were met with prior to the concentration camps.  It is not wise to think that it couldn't happen in America when greed and corruption has reached extreme conditions as it has today.  Until these criminals are arrested, I encourage citizens not to trust local or federal authorities or allow them into your homes.  Never give up your right to bear arms!  Criminals of the worst kind have been tyrannical governments, and if the corruption isn't cleaned up soon in America you must realize that your Constitutional Rights are not just pleasant to have, but that your very lives are at stake when they are taken away!  American citizens must band together across the nation to restore private property rights because federal and local authorities now believe they have the right to torture, rape, pillage and plunder at will because citizens are not standing up while their rights are being taken away. 

I ask the citizens of the United States of America to unite and put such tremendous pressure through universal protest that national supervised health care comes into fruition, that all citizens should reject the national identity cards which are a prelude to universal bio-chip implantation (mark of the beast), and to make sure that your food and water supply is never privately controlled by just a few individuals.  This can be done by obtaining your own supply or by making sure that you keep local produce locally available under control of those who live there and not managed from afar.  I want to make people aware that there are individuals that are so greedy and so evil that they would profit by controlling your food and water, health care, and any other life sustaining or life threatening enterprise.  Be aware and stand together to make sure these kinds of individuals are properly placed behind bars; so you and your loved ones can exist in a free society; so that you can LIVE!

Just because I could not get representatives and senators to become aware of the seriousness of the situation, doesn't mean that you can't.  This is the fundamental fact you need to realize now.  People with guns (the executive branch and the military) ultimately govern.  IF that branch turns corrupt and becomes roving gangs of rapists, robbers, murderers, torturers; there is not much the legislative or judicial branches of our government can do.  It then falls to the people brave enough to arm themselves and demand the incarceration of those individuals who have lost their sanity in the executive branch and think they are above the law.  You MUST defend yourselves from criminals in government or the nation will decompose into anarchy and bloodshed.  The longer you all tell yourselves that if we just pretend, the evil will just go away will only allow the evil to grow until it comes knocking on your door.  I am telling the truth!  Entire groups of corrupt individuals have a vested interest in keeping you, the public, in ignorance until it's too late.  You MUST unite now!  I repeat, not just your rights are at stake, but your lives!


© 2008 To GOD Be The GLORY

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