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PUBLIC WARNING and IMPORTANT UPDATE and Matters of Life and Death and other Important Documentation I give my permission and encourage any encoders, developers, web hosting services, and anyone who is able and willing to copy, mirror, duplicate this site and it's links; so that it may remain available to the public and the growing oppressive tyranny won't be able to keep this knowledge from saving lives by shutting off access to it.  Please do not edit my words or videos. Here is an outline of my proofs and arguments.Here is a link to shorter videos proving my allegations. (Videos 4-6 have majority of medical evidence in case you are a caring physician that would help me or law enforcement specialist or federal prosecutor to arrest the mass murdering doctors and nurses). Thank you for your diligent and life saving efforts in this regard!

I have survived numerous homicide attempts to bring you this news.  American citizens have been and are being tortured and murdered in hospitals across America.  Some reports have that more than a million American citizens every year have been tortured to death or murdered in hospitals since the late 1980's.  More Americans have been murdered in our country than the official body count of all wars combined since our nation's inception.  Illegal organ harvesting results in huge profits for murdering physicians and profiting hospitals (anesthesiologists are the common link in these surgeries and must be scrutinized now to prevent this practice from continuing).  Greed and corruption has become so mass epidemic that not only are Americans being tortured and murdered for profit and "population management" through eugenic fascism, but at the permission if not request of governing officials!  Eugenics has been in practice by abortion, pharmaceutical medications with lethal side effects (this has now been the most recently approved poisons that the "mentally ill" are forced to take in institutions across America until brain dead or really dead. This is just one of the many ways "enemies of state" that figure out the many ways corruption in government is endangering citizens lives are exterminated.  If you don't believe this is going on and that I am a legitimate whistleblower then you need to watch the documentaries "Endgame", TerrorStorm", and "Martial Law" by Alex Jones and available for purchase at his site or Eugenics has caused an American Holocaust by abortion (most centers are in the poor and minority neighborhoods), drugs (both legal and illegal)hospital euthanizations (the elderly, mentally ill, singles without family or friends, anyone not protected or well known targeted for illegal organ harvesting, scientific experimentations on the ignorant, minorities or anyone not desirable to the eugenic fascists now in power), war (death to foreigners and domestics suckered into extermination by radioactive, chemical and biological experimentation as another form of population management; most recruiting is done in the same demographics as the abortion and drug assaults), and chemicals in inexpensive processed foods and beverages. If you figure this out or become either intentionally or unintentionally an "enemy of state", most of the time they just assassinate through food poisoning or send an assassin to seduce you, that then takes care of your food and drink in your own home.  Most of the time the victim then appears to have died of natural causes but if an autopsy uncovers the truth, they then just threaten coroners so the truth remains hidden from the public.)  If you become too much of a threat to the criminals within our government and the greedy in league with them, then outright violent assassinations; even open ones such as the many prominent voices for the people that have been murdered in our recent history, is the way these stay in power. We must band together in order to take on this level of evil; in our country or the nation will fail and fall like all others that perished in the past. The present corruption is so bad that not only do they use mind control and black ops to brainwash the public in the media (like the 911 false flag and Sandy Hook gun control agenda) but brainwashing children in our public schools with the theory of evolution and atheism in order to keep them in ignorance of the satanic NWO now in process of attempting to enslave them and the whole world; and so not only are the rights of Americans in danger, but our very lives and pretending things aren't this bad won't make it go away.  Just like the  911 falseflag operation ; none of us are safe unless we unite together and demand the immediate arrests of teh real perpetrators! We must put officials in power that will not be bribed and are not afraid to die; that will organize immediately special investigations to round up all the criminals within our governing authorities from the highest office down to the smallest municipality.  Even 9-1-1 happened because of greed, corruption and eugenics fascism in practice!    Citizens must become aware of how corrupt and greedy persons are taking action to enslave all Americans and implant you with a tracking and listening device that will transmit even your intimate moments to listeners that have power to shut off your access to your bank account.  In a cashless society that means you won't eat or drink! We must implement national health care that is supervised for all procedures by public and private entities and that allows the patient and friends or family of the patient to have audio/ visual recording sent to their private computer or community attorneys just to make certain there are no more hospital caused deaths.

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Ten Trillion Dollar Class Action Suit filed to save innocent lives from death due to eugenics, greed and corruption.  You can watch and listen to my legal testimony of the hell I've been through to discover these atrocities taking place in our nation and in other countries around the world!  If there is any problems viewing my legal testimony at the above site or downloading it, please let me know, and try this location.


News Item Two

Wilson's Disease is thought to be rare but is in fact a rather common genetic trait that shows visibly in the eyes and affects at least ten percent of the global population.  Keeping the public uniformed of this results in huge profits because the genetic trait can lead to all forms of serious and terminal conditions prematurely.


News Item Three

Americans and citizens of the world are in real danger of being enslaved by greedy megalo-maniacs seeking to control food and water supplies. Become familiar with all the information on this website and  Subscribe to the Sovereign Newspaper (P.O. Box 418 New York, NY 10116  phone: 908-665-2394) for the details of the serious threats to your freedoms and lives now already in process and these are measures everyone should implement immediately!

  Topic One

Eugenics, Greed and Corruption are killing mass millions of innocent people.  When I notified the US Attorney General's office, someone left a recording on my voice mail that "it is a form of population management; it works out perfect".

Evidence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7  

  Topic Two

Because Wilson's Disease affects the blood, it is a genetic trait that is the number one link to all serious and terminal conditions.  If people knew about it, they would practice regular heavy metal and toxic detoxification regimens. Inexpensively preventing excruciating early death.  The most important thing someone needs to know that has the trait is to NEVER accept incompatible blood transfusion (O- blood is NOT necessarily "universal donor" if the recipient has developed antibodies to the negative Rh factor).  The pain I'm in is so intense that I would advise never accepting blood products at all.  Pre-donate your own blood for all planned surgeries and perhaps in the future personal predonated blood banks will be created for unexpected emergencies through scheduled donations.

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